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Introducing the world’s first commercially available scientifically calibrated meteor camera systems. Available as turnkey ready to go plug and play devices or as do-it-yourself kits.

AllSky7 AllSky Serie - for professionals and advanced amateurs

What Does it Do?

The All Sky 6 Fireball Camera System has been designed from the ground up with one primary goal — obtain good scientific results from a low cost, easy to use device.

Included with the device is everything you need to get up and running in less than an hour. This is a turnkey solution. Once the device is powered, connected to your network and placed outside, it will automatically record the skies 24 hours a day. When the software detects motion, it attempts to identify the source. When potential fireballs are recorded, the device automatically calibrates and reduces the videos and extracts precise scientific measurements relating to the event. The video and data is uploaded to the American Meteor Society and the International Meteor Organization fireball database and aggregated with other videos and witness reports for the same event. Of course, you will be credited as the operator of the camera in all the publications (online and paper) and you will have a privilege access to all the data related to the fireball detected by your device.

All the information obtained from our network is used to solve:

  1. The 3D atmospheric trajectory of the fireball
  2. The velocity of the fireball
  3. The magnitude & light curve of the fireball
  4. The pre-atmospheric mass estimate for the meteoroid that caused the fireball
  5. The orbit of the meteoroid prior to hitting Earth

Once determined, these solutions along with the videos are published in near real time on the American Meteor Society and the International Meteor Organization websites. The AMS/IMO Fireball Database is the most comprehensive catalog of fireball events in the world. Videos collected with these devices will be used to extend the AMS fireball database with hard scientific observations.

Mini Computer

The AllSky7 bundle comes with a Mini Computer Q190S with Celeron j1900 Processor Quad core (2.0 GHz, 8GB RAM 64GB SSD WIFI, Dual NIC Mini PC with Serial Port). The Mini Computer has two ethernet ports and a power over ethernet injector, enabling direct communications and power supply to the camera module over a single cable. The Mini Computer ships pre-configured with custom software to operate the cameras and fireball application. The system is controlled by a browser based app that lets you review detections, change camera settings and view the live feed from the camera.


Camera Module

The AllSky7 Camera Module contains 6 Sony Starvis (starlight) IMX290 project cameras mounted on a custom cut aluminum plate and covered with a 250mm acrylic dome. The cameras are spaced 72 degrees apart in a pentagon formation creating 360 degree coverage of the sky in your area. A final 6th camera points up to capture the sky directly over head. A custom built PCB and 8 port network switch sits on the base and provides the cameras with power and network connections.

The enclosure has been thermally designed to keep the inside dry and cool. The aluminum metal plates, heat sinks and fans distribute and diffuse the heat produced by the cameras and electronics. A micro-dehumidifier works to remove moisture from the inside of the enclosure preventing condesation build up on the inside of the dome.

What's in the Box?

The AllSky7 fireball device includes the following off the-shelf and custom-made components:

  • One Mini Computer with Celeron Processor Quad core
  • 6x Sony Starvis IMX290 Camera Board
  • 6x IR Cut Filter and CS Lens Mount
  • 6x 4mm f1/2 camera lens
  • Custom PCB Boards to provide power and network Cams
  • Wiring Package – All Wires Included
  • 6x Camera mounts and hardware
  • Power Supplies for computer and camera module
  • Camera Enclosure and Dome

Custom developed software on the devices provide the following features:

  • 6x 80 Degree “Part-Sky” High Resolution FOV for each camera
  • 640×480 Color Video at 25 FPS
  • 1920x1080 Color HD Video at 25 FPS
  • Automatically detects fireball events
  • Calibrates camera FOV with plate solved astronomically precise measurements
  • Extracts x,y values for fireball frames and converts these to altitude and azimuth
  • Accurately determines event time to the microsecond.
  • Automatically uploads videos, calibrations and reduction data to the AMS & IMO catalog and websites
  • Pairs reduction data from other cameras to solve events